Photo a week #3 – “Old and New” – 122 Leadenhall Street

The hat-trick is complete…three posts in three weeks! This is another image that combines the old and new architecture of London. 122 Leadenhall Street, or ‘The Cheesegrater’ to give it the informal name, is one of the many post-modern architectural designs in London. ….or so it says on Wikipedia! As this is the third isContinue reading “Photo a week #3 – “Old and New” – 122 Leadenhall Street”


Photo a week #2 – “Old and New” – 20 Fenchurch Street

I’ve taken the 2nd picture….I’m on a roll now! I’ve thought about various projects in the past, such as ‘sports’ or ‘music’, but I thought something a bit more imaginative maybe ‘Old and New’. I’m on the lookout for more original material than just buildings in and around the city of London, but there’s justContinue reading “Photo a week #2 – “Old and New” – 20 Fenchurch Street”