Chislehurst Rocks

I bumped into some of the organisers of Chislehurst Rocks today who were having their headshots taken on a wet and windy Rec.  I’m looking forward to seeing them! Some of my images have already been used on the site and it’s alway nice to get pictures ‘out there’!  Having chatted to them reminded meContinue reading “Chislehurst Rocks”


Grrrrreat afternoon at a studio

Last week I spent a really enjoyable afternoon at an east London studio with Pixeldot as they are developing the brand of the company I work for, redesigning the website and as you can see, the imagery. The concept was to create a top-down profile of each member of staff using items that show whatContinue reading “Grrrrreat afternoon at a studio”

Street Photography in the City of London

The title says exactly what is in the tin really!  Still getting to grips with a 52 project I’d hope to start, but thats stuttering a bit at the moment.  Maybe a bit too much procrastinating (see previous blog post) Anyway, decided to get off my backside and what started off as taking pictures ofContinue reading “Street Photography in the City of London”

“Doyouwannatakeapictureof a snowman…..?”

I watched a very good YouTube presentation the other night about procrastination by Tim Urban who run a very enlightening website called Wait But Why. It’s worth watching if you get the time (see what I did there?) Can’t be bothered to try to find it?  Scroll down, it’s at the bottom of the post! Continue reading ““Doyouwannatakeapictureof a snowman…..?””

A quick nap

This guy must have been REALLY tired to decide he needed a nap halfway across London Bridge! This is the first image I’ve taken while actually concentrating on taking street photography.  I’m actualy quite pleased with it, both in that I took the shot in the first place as opposed wishing I’d taken it afterContinue reading “A quick nap”

Blaming the tools….

In my last posting I wrote about having to concentrate on my confidence in taking pictures out on the street while reacting faster to situations that may have made a good shot. Having read a number of articles and watching videos, it was obvious what the real problems was.  I needed a new camera! ComeContinue reading “Blaming the tools….”

Another crack at being street……

Slowly going through my collection of images, and I’m trying to get to grips with street photography.  I have been watching some great tutorials on KelbyOne especially those with Jay Maisel.  My biggest problem, which is huge when trying to get into this type of photography, is that my great idea for a shot isContinue reading “Another crack at being street……”

This site

What is this for? For many years I had the the site, that was part blog, part portfolio.  it went through many changes and I spent a lot of time and money in the process.  I’d used plain old HTML (using Notepad!), Dreamweaver, HoTMetaL Pro (which was great), Microsoft FrontPage (eugh!) and latterly WordPress.Continue reading “This site”