Grrrrreat afternoon at a studio

Last week I spent a really enjoyable afternoon at an east London studio with Pixeldot as they are developing the brand of the company I work for, redesigning the website and as you can see, the imagery. The concept was to create a top-down profile of each member of staff using items that show whatContinue reading “Grrrrreat afternoon at a studio”


“Doyouwannatakeapictureof a snowman…..?”

I watched a very good YouTube presentation the other night about procrastination by Tim Urban who run a very enlightening website called Wait But Why. It’s worth watching if you get the time (see what I did there?) Can’t be bothered to try to find it?  Scroll down, it’s at the bottom of the post! Continue reading ““Doyouwannatakeapictureof a snowman…..?””

A quick nap

This guy must have been REALLY tired to decide he needed a nap halfway across London Bridge! This is the first image I’ve taken while actually concentrating on taking street photography.  I’m actualy quite pleased with it, both in that I took the shot in the first place as opposed wishing I’d taken it afterContinue reading “A quick nap”

Blaming the tools….

In my last posting I wrote about having to concentrate on my confidence in taking pictures out on the street while reacting faster to situations that may have made a good shot. Having read a number of articles and watching videos, it was obvious what the real problems was.  I needed a new camera! ComeContinue reading “Blaming the tools….”

This site

What is this for? For many years I had the the site, that was part blog, part portfolio.  it went through many changes and I spent a lot of time and money in the process.  I’d used plain old HTML (using Notepad!), Dreamweaver, HoTMetaL Pro (which was great), Microsoft FrontPage (eugh!) and latterly WordPress.Continue reading “This site”