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  • The Way Forward

    The Way Forward

    When I tell people that I like photography, the first thing they normally ask is ‘what type of photography’.  Looking back at the photo’s I’ve taken, that is a very difficult question to answer.  The glib response is that I try and take and take a good shot.  The problem is that it’s difficult to…

  • Good light everybody…..good light!

    Good light everybody…..good light!

    I’ve written in a previous post about the Sean Tucker YouTube videos, and how much they have helped me with my photography. Both in my post-production but more importantly with taking a picture that, where possible doesn’t require any. He also reviewed a book that has had an impact on my photography but also on…

  • Photo a week #3 – “Old and New” – 122 Leadenhall Street

    The hat-trick is complete…three posts in three weeks! This is another image that combines the old and new architecture of London. 122 Leadenhall Street, or ‘The Cheesegrater’ to give it the informal name, is one of the many post-modern architectural designs in London. ….or so it says on Wikipedia! As this is the third is…

  • Photo a week #1 – Guildhall Buildings

    This is the entrance to Guildhall Buildings in the city of London (apparently it’s not The Guildhall Buildings… it’s not a typo!) I have been watching to excellent videos by Sean Tucker, with one video in particular really strikes a chord with me.  I won’t add spoilers, but basically, he says get out there and…

  • Colouring the mundane

    I’ve been meaning to take a shot of this for a while.  It’s in Islington in north London and the thing I like about it is that the local community have taken something mundane and brightened it up.

  • Street Photography in the City of London

    Street Photography in the City of London

    The title says exactly what is in the tin really!  Still getting to grips with a 52 project I’d hope to start, but thats stuttering a bit at the moment.  Maybe a bit too much procrastinating (see previous blog post) Anyway, decided to get off my backside and what started off as taking pictures of…

  • A quick nap

    A quick nap

    This guy must have been REALLY tired to decide he needed a nap halfway across London Bridge! This is the first image I’ve taken while actually concentrating on taking street photography.  I’m actualy quite pleased with it, both in that I took the shot in the first place as opposed wishing I’d taken it after…

  • Lunch by the river