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  • Chislehurst Rocks

    Chislehurst Rocks

    I bumped into some of the organisers of Chislehurst Rocks today who were having their headshots taken on a wet and windy Rec.  I’m looking forward to seeing them! Some of my images have already been used on the site and it’s alway nice to get pictures ‘out there’!  Having chatted to them reminded me…

  • Bowie Album A Day

    Bowie Album A Day

    This site isn’t going to turn into a shrine for David Bowie.  Primarily, its going to be for my photography with bit and pieces thrown in about music, film, and pretty much anything else I get up to.  When I get my arse on my bike, I’ll write about that too! However, I haven’t listened…

  • Why ‘A Glass Asylum’?

    Why ‘A Glass Asylum’?

    Good question! It is a line from one of my favourite David Bowie songs Big Brother from the 1974′Diamond Dogs‘ album.