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  • Good light everybody…..good light!

    Good light everybody…..good light!

    I’ve written in a previous post about the Sean Tucker YouTube videos, and how much they have helped me with my photography. Both in my post-production but more importantly with taking a picture that, where possible doesn’t require any. He also reviewed a book that has had an impact on my photography but also on […]


  • Inside Christ Church – Spitalfields

    Inside Christ Church – Spitalfields

    As a follow up to my previous post, which was a long time ago, my son and I went to the church during the day, and we were able to take these pictures. It was quite special to think that my great-Grandparents were married here over 100 years ago and very little, apart from the […]

  • Family Tree #1 – Christ Church – Spitalfields

    Family Tree #1 – Christ Church – Spitalfields

    After a bit of a break from it, I’ve gone back to researching my family tree on This is Christ Church in Spitalfields, where my great-grandfather and grandmother were married on Christmas Day 1892.  A lot of family from my Dad’s side are from the Bethnal Green area of London.  It seems that due […]

  • Photo a week #4 – “Old and New” – Bloomberg Building and St Stephen Walbrook

    The fourth and final image on my ‘old and new’ project. This shot is of the magnificent new Bloomberg building on London’s Cannon Street with the reflection of the church of St Stephen Walbrook. The latter was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in 1671, who, if my research is correct, is one of my ancestors. […]

  • Photo a week #3 – “Old and New” – 122 Leadenhall Street

    The hat-trick is complete…three posts in three weeks! This is another image that combines the old and new architecture of London. 122 Leadenhall Street, or ‘The Cheesegrater’ to give it the informal name, is one of the many post-modern architectural designs in London. ….or so it says on Wikipedia! As this is the third is […]

  • Photo a week #2 – “Old and New” – 20 Fenchurch Street

    I’ve taken the 2nd picture….I’m on a roll now! I’ve thought about various projects in the past, such as ‘sports’ or ‘music’, but I thought something a bit more imaginative maybe ‘Old and New’. I’m on the lookout for more original material than just buildings in and around the city of London, but there’s just […]

  • Photo a week #1 – Guildhall Buildings

    This is the entrance to Guildhall Buildings in the city of London (apparently it’s not The Guildhall Buildings… it’s not a typo!) I have been watching to excellent videos by Sean Tucker, with one video in particular really strikes a chord with me.  I won’t add spoilers, but basically, he says get out there and […]