The Way Forward

20101016_eating-ice-creams_20101016_4615_01When I tell people that I like photography, the first thing they normally ask is ‘what type of photography’.  Looking back at the photo’s I’ve taken, that is a very difficult question to answer.  The glib response is that I try and take and take a good shot.  The problem is that it’s difficult to develop skills if I don’t know from the outset what needs developing.

There are a fair number of professionals in social media that recommend picking a subject, or maybe a couple, and concentrating on those.  This way my photography can evolve, and I can study the nuances of the chosen subject(s).  Nowadays it’s very easy to be inspired by another person’s work just as long as you don’t plagiarise. I won’t be the first person to take shots of the architecture in London or any other city.  The objective for me is to be innovative, imaginative, and maybe just that little bit inspirational.

So what’s next? With all this in mind, I am going to focus on (see what I did there?):

I don’t have to talk to a building and ask them to smile.  Well, I could but I’d be locked up….and about time I hear you say!  Every day we walk around towns and cities looking at building at eye level (which is natural enough I suppose, or we’d all walk into each other).  There are a number of Instagram tags and FlickR groups based on looking up.  It’s nothing more complicated than walking your commute or shopping trip, take time away from the myriad of Starbucks or Pret signs and…well…look-up!  You will be very surprised to see the rich history your local high street has locked away.

Street photography
Street was really out of my comfort zone, but I have become a lot more relaxed now. I started off walking the streets with a big camera and even bigger lens.  Point what looks like a bazooka at somebody, and any natural pose goes out of the window.  It also made me a bit lazy as I was able to stand in one place and zoom in on the subject.  Consequently, I bought a smaller camera purely for street photography (my excuse and I’m sticking to it) and now I can blend in with the sightseers and shoot away.

This is going to be a real challenge.  Making the subject feel at ease in a 1-2-1 situation while trying to deal with the technical aspects of the photo shoot will be testing, but the thing about tests is passing them.  I’ve got two willing models with my kids, which is always handy.  I can also unbox the studio lighting I bought last summer!

And finally, printing
We all take good images. We post a couple to social media, but a majority don’t get much further than iCloud \ Google Photos environment or computer hard drives.
Printing and framing are incredibly rewarding, more than any likes on Instagram or Facebook (though these are still nice!)  The last thing I see before leaving the house is my favourite picture of the children eating ice cream I took when they were younger.  This guarantees my commute stars with a smile.  It may not last long, but hey!

If you would like to see my images, they can be viewed at



Good light everybody…..good light!

I’ve written in a previous post about the Sean Tucker YouTube videos, and how much they have helped me with my photography. Both in my post-production but more importantly with taking a picture that, where possible doesn’t require any.

He also reviewed a book that has had an impact on my photography but also on life in general (don’t worry, I won’t get too deep and meaningful!).  Reading The War Of Art has helped me in the creative process of my art and my work.  I’ve never seen myself as an artist or a photographer, just a person who take photographs.  Recently a couple of friends have said ‘No, I think you are a photographer!’ so who am I to fly in the face of public opinion!

These shots were taken in and around the city of London during my lunch break. I have been concentrating on light and shadows (with some street photography thrown in for good measure), and these are the results so far.


Nick King – Instagram Website

Matthew King – Instagram

Sean Tucker – YouTubeInstagramWebsite

Inside Christ Church – Spitalfields

As a follow up to my previous post, which was a long time ago, my son and I went to the church during the day, and we were able to take these pictures.

It was quite special to think that my great-Grandparents were married here over 100 years ago and very little, apart from the video screen maybe, has changed in that time.  Standing in the doorway of the church and trying to imagine how different London was, and their life in the capital, compared to ours today.

Family Tree #1 – Christ Church – Spitalfields

After a bit of a break from it, I’ve gone back to researching my family tree on

This is Christ Church in Spitalfields, where my great-grandfather and grandmother were married on Christmas Day 1892.  A lot of family from my Dad’s side are from the Bethnal Green area of London.  It seems that due to the war and modernisation of the city, very few of the buildings have survived, but using Google Maps I’ve been able to track a couple down.


Photo a week – 4 of 1 – Out of season

This month’s 4 of 1 was a tough decision to make, but I suppose if I want to test myself then I best get used to it. The greater good and all that.

As it’s Autumn, I’ve gone with ‘out of season’. I’m on the lookout for ice cream vans with nobody buying etc.

This first one has a tenuous link….. but bear with me!

As I was walking through my local park, I saw this (what looks like) a bag from a posh dress shop that had been thrown in the bin. Well….. you can see that! Being the creative type, I came up with the idea that the bag had an item of clothing within that was ‘so last season’ that it had to be thrown away.

I told you it was tenuous!

Next week, people playing tennis in ski-wear.


Photo a week #4 – “Old and New” – Bloomberg Building and St Stephen Walbrook

The fourth and final image on my ‘old and new’ project.
This shot is of the magnificent new Bloomberg building on London’s Cannon Street with the reflection of the church of St Stephen Walbrook.
The latter was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in 1671, who, if my research is correct, is one of my ancestors. Seems only right I should have something of his on my blog. I’m sure he’d use something of mine on his if he were around today!

Looking for a project for October now. Got a few ideas so just need to pick one and go with it!


Photo a week #3 – “Old and New” – 122 Leadenhall Street

The hat-trick is complete…three posts in three weeks!

This is another image that combines the old and new architecture of London. 122 Leadenhall Street, or ‘The Cheesegrater’ to give it the informal name, is one of the many post-modern architectural designs in London.

….or so it says on Wikipedia!

As this is the third is a series of four images on this topic, I’m on the hunt for something new for October so watch this space!




Photo a week #2 – “Old and New” – 20 Fenchurch Street

I’ve taken the 2nd picture….I’m on a roll now!

I’ve thought about various projects in the past, such as ‘sports’ or ‘music’, but I thought something a bit more imaginative maybe ‘Old and New’.

I’m on the lookout for more original material than just buildings in and around the city of London, but there’s just so many that are so many examples that they just leap out at you!


Photo a week #1 – Guildhall Buildings


This is the entrance to Guildhall Buildings in the city of London (apparently it’s not The Guildhall Buildings… it’s not a typo!)

I have been watching to excellent videos by Sean Tucker, with one video in particular really strikes a chord with me.  I won’t add spoilers, but basically, he says get out there and start taking pictures.  I’ve tended to take lots of pictures then imported them into Lightroom, and with a few exceptions, that’s where the images have stayed.

Watching the video on Street Photography changed things entirely as now I import them from my camera on my phone and publish to Instagram on the fly while on the train or having a cuppa (or the occasional sneaky beer!) which has been great.

This shot was taken one lunchtime, and I didn’t think about it too much.  I was just walking past, took the picture then carried on about my day.  As a result, I’m aiming for at least one decent picture a week up on this site and Instagram.

It was taken on my Panasonic Lumix LX100 which I’m really enjoying using now after a bit of a shaky start (good workmen and all that!) and edited with Snapseed which is fantastic editing app for both Android and iPhone.

I think it’s fair to say these videos have been a game changer, and he may have saved me £20 a month on subscriptions!