A little bit about me…..

Vital Stats:
Brought up in south London and live in Chislehurst, Kent

IT Support Manager, but still hope to play for Harlequins and England one day!

Last Book Read:
The Ali Interviews – Michael Parkinson

Reading Now:
Bowie in Berlin

Favourite Films:
Caddyshack; The Spy Who Loved Me; All The Presidents Men;The Sting; It’s A Wonderful Life (The Christmas film!); Apocalypse Now; Godfather

Favourite Music \ Bands:
David Bowie; Genesis; Yes; Rolling Stones; Level 42; Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin; Squeeze; Simple Minds

Favourite Food:
Christmas dinner; Nepalese, Indian, Italian, Chinese (OK….I’ll eat anything!)

Interests \ Hobbies:
Football; rugby; American football; ice hockey

Favourite Magazines:

Rugby World, Net magazine

Latest Project:
Christmas lights in Chislehurst; my journey to work

Favourite TV shows:
The West Wing; Doctor Who; The Thick Of It; Fawlty Towers; Monty Python; Porridge

Computer Setup:
Windows 10 Home desktop; MacBook Pro laptop; Linux Mint laptop

Favourite Software:
Adobe Lightroom CC; Adobe Photoshop CC; doubleTwist; IMToo DVD; Chrome

Favourite Websites:
Kelby Training; Sporting Life; NFL.com; Redskins.com, CPFC.co.uk; Quins.co.uk; Google+; Twitter

Biggest Thrill:
Birth of my son and daughter; my wedding day; England winning World Cup 2003; Harlequins becoming champions; CPFC getting promoted;

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