Good light everybody…..good light!

I’ve written in a previous post about the Sean Tucker YouTube videos, and how much they have helped me with my photography. Both in my post-production but more importantly with taking a picture that, where possible doesn’t require any.

He also reviewed a book that has had an impact on my photography but also on life in general (don’t worry, I won’t get too deep and meaningful!).  Reading The War Of Art has helped me in the creative process of my art and my work.  I’ve never seen myself as an artist or a photographer, just a person who take photographs.  Recently a couple of friends have said ‘No, I think you are a photographer!’ so who am I to fly in the face of public opinion!

These shots were taken in and around the city of London during my lunch break. I have been concentrating on light and shadows (with some street photography thrown in for good measure), and these are the results so far.


Nick King – Instagram Website

Matthew King – Instagram

Sean Tucker – YouTubeInstagramWebsite



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