Photo a week – 4 of 1 – Out of season

This month’s 4 of 1 was a tough decision to make, but I suppose if I want to test myself then I best get used to it. The greater good and all that.

As it’s Autumn, I’ve gone with ‘out of season’. I’m on the lookout for ice cream vans with nobody buying etc.

This first one has a tenuous link….. but bear with me!

As I was walking through my local park, I saw this (what looks like) a bag from a posh dress shop that had been thrown in the bin. Well….. you can see that! Being the creative type, I came up with the idea that the bag had an item of clothing within that was ‘so last season’ that it had to be thrown away.

I told you it was tenuous!

Next week, people playing tennis in ski-wear.





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