Photo a week #1 – Guildhall Buildings


This is the entrance to Guildhall Buildings in the city of London (apparently it’s not The Guildhall Buildings… it’s not a typo!)

I have been watching to excellent videos by Sean Tucker, with one video in particular really strikes a chord with me.  I won’t add spoilers, but basically, he says get out there and start taking pictures.  I’ve tended to take lots of pictures then imported them into Lightroom, and with a few exceptions, that’s where the images have stayed.

Watching the video on Street Photography changed things entirely as now I import them from my camera on my phone and publish to Instagram on the fly while on the train or having a cuppa (or the occasional sneaky beer!) which has been great.

This shot was taken one lunchtime, and I didn’t think about it too much.  I was just walking past, took the picture then carried on about my day.  As a result, I’m aiming for at least one decent picture a week up on this site and Instagram.

It was taken on my Panasonic Lumix LX100 which I’m really enjoying using now after a bit of a shaky start (good workmen and all that!) and edited with Snapseed which is fantastic editing app for both Android and iPhone.

I think it’s fair to say these videos have been a game changer, and he may have saved me £20 a month on subscriptions!



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