Grrrrreat afternoon at a studio

Last week I spent a really enjoyable afternoon at an east London studio with Pixeldot as they are developing the brand of the company I work for, redesigning the website and as you can see, the imagery.

The concept was to create a top-down profile of each member of staff using items that show what makes us….us.  It was described as a “model kit of you”.  There was some thought required on this as it’s easy to take purely random possessions.   I took various bits and pieces such as my first SLR, a pair of headphones, a rugby shirt etc. These covered my love of photography, music, and rugby.  I wanted to take some sort of sporting memorabilia, but having discussed with my wife why rugby over any other sport like NFL or football. I’ve always held the belief that the sense of sportsmanship and being part of a team is a lot stronger in rugby than others sports, especially professional football.  You may disagree, but it’s my blog.  And I’m always right on my blog!

My colleague races huskies, and as you can you can see from the images below, he knocked my items out the park by bringing in one of his four dogs, Oscar.  He was very well behaved in what must have been a very alien atmosphere for him.  A nice big bag of doggie treats helped I think.

The photos I took are more behind the scenes than the finished article that the Pixeldot guys took…..I’ll leave that to the experts!

It was good to watch the professionals at work, and I got some good tips from Luke, both verbally and watching him work.  Like most, I find it difficult to relax when a camera is pointing at me (which is why I hide behind it!) and it must have shown.  Many occasions I was told to loosen up and I think there was a concern my glare into the lens could frighten off prospective clients.  Maybe I should have taken from tips from Oscar!







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