Bowie Album A Day

bowieThis site isn’t going to turn into a shrine for David Bowie.  Primarily, its going to be for my photography with bit and pieces thrown in about music, film, and pretty much anything else I get up to.  When I get my arse on my bike, I’ll write about that too!

However, I haven’t listened to much else after his death nearly two weeks ago as I write.  I’ve written about this elsewhere, but with the advent of digital downloads and consumers buying single tracks they want as opposed whole albums, very rarely do we listen to whole albums as they were meant to be heard.  Albums with a story (dare I say the dreaded concept album) sound very odd when put on ‘random play’.  ‘Quadrophenia,’ The Wall’ and ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ would make no sense in the same playlist and played out of sequence.

I have listened to complete albums as if there were on vinyl before.  No skipping tracks, no random play.  The only thing missing was changing from side 1 to side 2, though this could be done through iTunes I suppose as a playlist if I was being particularly meticulous.

Last time was with a particular rock album I may not have listened to in a while, but this time I’m going through the Bowie back catalogue, in the order they were released.  As a companion will be the excellent ‘David Bowie – Album By Album’ which goes into great detail about all the tracks, the background and the making of the albums, and an insight into the man himself.

So starting with 1969’s self titled album, and culminating in the 2016 ‘Blackstar’, I’m hoping to find some gems of album tracks that I may have long forgotten about or indeed never heard at all.

…..and I promise not to skip his cover of the Beach Boys ‘God Only Knows’.  Proof that nobody is perfect, though some get closer than others.







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